Nhuan LeXuan Poems

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Your Birthday, Christmastide

The sky has turned grey and the weather cold,
It mildly drizzles like the kind of rain in Hue of old.

The Late Rose

The late rose,
Glowing with sun tints, making pink lips tipsy,
This afternoon to open finally chose.


Oh Ha Long Bay, under the clouds, as imposing as e’er,
Like a sea dragon from the ocean to have appeared there,
With its sweet stream, sailboats slowing down for miles
To contemplate picturesque stalactites, water circling isles.

Dad's Merit Is Like Mt. Everest

“Dad’s merit is immense like Mount Everest! ”
That verse since a child I had known with zest,
But now heard again makes tears start to my eyes.
My country has been half of my life in hard times,

The Migrants' Song

Oh flocks of birds over the withered woods that fly
and hordes of horses that waver in the fields so dry!
Wake up right now and from now on, you all,

Satisfied To Welcome Spring

Over twenty eight years in exile, haven't I been?
One more spring has already returned.
So great emotions arise with each soft breath;
How can I express all joy and sorrow I am concerned!

When I Have Died

If you feel like lazy, lie down at home freely;
What use to visit, some minutes adds nothing really.
Eyes are closed. Body cold. Skin bluish pale.
Even vermilion/paint applied: still dark deep stale.

Mother's Day

Mom is still laborious in her native land to stay;
The Mother's Day is therefore a merely trivial day.

I Am Still Indebted


I am still indebted to my ancestors and nation.

A Father

There He brought home a bag again
Regularly of foods and toys as main;
The children gladly rushed to Him;
They embraced one another full of vim.