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41. In The Night I Wait 9/25/2012
42. Karma! 4/21/2014
43. Beautiful 4/21/2014
44. The Things You Hold Dear 9/25/2012
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The Things You Hold Dear

The things you hold dear,

will disappear.

The those things called sin,

gone in the wind.

Life is a slow motion,

like the waves of the ocean.

Peace comes from understanding that life will change.

New days, new perspectives no longer strange.

Sometimes it's hard to keep going,

When past perspectives keep echoing.

To hold on or to let go?

These are things I do not know.

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In The Night I Wait

In the night I wait,
For slumber to take my eyes,
he will not have me.

I lay on my bed,
seperated from my love,
nightmares only come.

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