Biography of Nicarchus

Nicarchus or Nicarch was a Greek poet and writer of the 1st century AD, best known for his epigrams, of which forty-two survive under his name in the Greek Anthology, and his satirical poetry. He was a contemporary of, and influence on, the better-known Latin writer Martial. A large proportion of his epigrams are directed against doctors. Some of his writings have been found at Oxyrhynchus in Egypt.

A fragment of Nicarchus:

The Raven

The gloom of death is on the raven’s wing,
The song of death is in the raven’s cries:
But when Demophilus begins to sing,
The raven dies. Updates


Niconoe was once in her prime, I admit that,
But her prime was when Deucalion looked on the vast waters.
Of those times we have no knowledge,
But of her now we know that she should seek
Not a husband, but a tomb.

translated by William Roger Paton

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