Nichamon Ridjana

Rookie [Nellskwy, Nelly] (Chiang Rai, Thailand)

Biography of Nichamon Ridjana

Nellskwy is the pen name of Nichamon Ridjana, she is also known as Nelly. She was born in Thailand, on February 13th. She grew up in an American Missionary school (Thailand) , in 2009 she moved to France. After her arrival, she went to Chavagnes en Paillers' International College, where she met  her two dear friends, Charlotte and Benjamin (twins) . After a year, she decided to attend to Saint Joseph Lycée, where she learned French and German. Nelly also has a lot of hobbies which inspires her writing. She appreciates calmness and silenceness because she believes that it's a good way to think. Peace is an essential value to her. She is a Christian, she trusts God from the deepest of her heart, Jesus is her everything. She begins her morning by a prayer. She follows Jesus' path, and the faith in Him guides her. She has been introduced to writing by her collègue, Aude. Aude is also one of her inspiration of writing. Well, she would appreciate each of your comment or reaction. If you want to contact her, feel free to do so. Her e-mail is
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Nichamon Ridjana's Works:

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To live; To love; To lie
To die; To raise; To shine
To breath; To hear; To hate
All of these above bring us to the same desitiny...

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