Nicholas Abaddon

Rookie (that one day in that one year / The Sacred Plain Of The Old Ones)

Biography of Nicholas Abaddon

I am 19 years old and write poems because it's fun and great way of expression. I read a crap load, from the likes of Aleister Crowley to Marx and Nietzche and whatever else i find interesting.

My motto on my interest is this: Spiritual in depth, Philosophically interesting, useless in reality.
Please read and comment on my random writings Updates

The Ghost Of Ptolemy

I arrived at a small town upon completion of the serpentine road,

A watchman approached and called to me, ”you have braved the trail? ”

“yes I have! ” I called to the small man who resembled a toad.

the man approached, “Why? Have you not heard of our towns tale? ”

I to him, ”I have. you are in need of someone to expel a demon? ”

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