Nicholas Abaddon

Rookie (that one day in that one year / The Sacred Plain Of The Old Ones)

Nicholas Abaddon Poems

1. A Poem That Had Potential 1/30/2012
2. The Ghost Of Ptolemy 1/31/2012
3. Fiddler 1/31/2012
4. Corporate 1/31/2012
5. An Analysis Of America 1/31/2012
6. The Death Of A Sage 1/31/2012
7. Rose Red's Quest (Might Be Adding More Soon) 1/31/2012
8. Political On A Small Scale 1/31/2012
9. Good Bye My Friends 1/31/2012
10. A Leader 2/1/2012
11. Charisma 2/1/2012
12. Perhaps It Is A Metaphor? 2/1/2012
13. Is This The Tao Of Nature? 2/1/2012
14. Song Of Lady Past 2/1/2012
15. When My Mind Is Faded 2/1/2012
16. My Greatest Lamentation Of All 2/2/2012
17. Man Made It So 2/3/2012
18. The Rock 2/3/2012
19. Bring Us Our Conciousness Back 2/3/2012
20. A Poem I Wrote And Couldn'T Discover A Title For 2/4/2012
21. Political On A Medium Scale 2/6/2012
22. Bottom Of A Lake 3/13/2012
23. A Simple Haiku 3/15/2012
24. The Little Puppet 3/16/2012
25. Better Then Me 4/4/2012
26. My Peace 4/5/2012
27. (inser Title Here) 4/8/2012
28. Tyranny Of The Few 4/11/2012
29. Land Of Flies 6/4/2012
30. It Isn'T Fair 8/4/2013
31. Social Commentary Or Boredom? 1/27/2012
32. Oh Dana 11/12/2013
33. My Suicide 1/29/2012
34. A Lonely Ship 11/11/2013
35. A Hobo's Complaint 1/29/2012
36. Without My Love 2/2/2012
37. A Cold Day In May 2/1/2012

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Best Poem of Nicholas Abaddon

A Cold Day In May

I arrived home on this rainy, dreary day.
At first it seemed that the weather alone was odd in may,
Then I saw the bags by the door.
She came down the stairs her eyes afire,
At this, my heart became weak and my mood dire.

She said she was leaving
she didn't deserve the pain I caused and my misbehaving.
My addictions had betrayed me and all I held dear,
I fell to my knees and begged her to stay.
she cried and aid she dared not the pain was too great,
She picked up her bags and headed for the door
She stopped and turned and with tears in her eye said to ...

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The Ghost Of Ptolemy

I arrived at a small town upon completion of the serpentine road,

A watchman approached and called to me, ”you have braved the trail? ”

“yes I have! ” I called to the small man who resembled a toad.

the man approached, “Why? Have you not heard of our towns tale? ”

I to him, ”I have. you are in need of someone to expel a demon? ”

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