Nicholas McDonough

Rookie [Irsu Le Mortes, Nicodemus, Donchadha, RevNiCoDeMuS] (Green Bay Wisconsin)

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I was born in Green Bay, Wisconsin. I later moved to Texas, T or C New Mexico, Phoenix AZ, Florida and then back to Green Bay. I am a Certified Hypnotherapist and Life Coach. I have posted poetry online under my Pseudonyms as well. If you want to post any of my poetry, get my permission prior to posting. Please delete any poems you have posted of mine without my permission or correctly list the name of the poem along with (written by Nicholas McDonough) in the title. Updates

Dirty (Jan 15th,2003)

Protect me from everything
seems nothing's left for me
I've learned that love is meaningless
it starves you till your empty
blinded enslaved and bound
Despair fills you with negativity
the sickness tears out your heart
it breaks your will
leaves you crumbled on the ground

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