Nicholas McDonough

Rookie [Irsu Le Mortes, Nicodemus, Donchadha, RevNiCoDeMuS] (Green Bay Wisconsin)

Nicholas McDonough Poems

1. I Paradis Possejam (Jan 15th,2003) 6/26/2006
2. Spoon Fed (Jan 15th,2003) 6/26/2006
3. Bite Me (Dec 11th,2002) 6/26/2006
4. Tear (Sep 26th,2002) 6/26/2006
5. Untitled (Jan 16th,2003) 6/26/2006
6. Love (Sep 26th,2002) 6/26/2006
7. Dirty (Jan 15th,2003) 6/26/2006
8. Exposed (Jan 15th,2003) 6/26/2006
9. Wounds Of The Soul (Jan 15th,2003) 6/26/2006
10. Bound By Self (Jan 15th,2003) 6/26/2006
11. Void Of All Things (Jan 15th,2003) 6/26/2006
12. Love Part Two (Feb 11th,2003) 6/26/2006
13. Of Old (Feb 5th,2003) 6/26/2006
14. Humid Taste (Oct 4th,2003) 6/26/2006
15. Fire (Nov 14th,2003) 6/26/2006
16. Play (Nov 16th,2003) 6/26/2006
17. Intimate Sheen Of Perspiration (Aug 15th,2003) 6/27/2006
18. Single Grain Of Sand (Feb 4th,2004) 6/27/2006
19. Illusion Unveiled Part Iii 6/27/2006
20. This Time Around (Apr 10th,2004) 6/27/2006
21. All Of These (Sep 11th,2003) 6/27/2006
22. Promise Kept Between Lovers (Oct 5th,2003) 6/26/2006
23. Fire's Fanned Out (Oct 11th,2003) 6/26/2006
24. Change Inside (Nov 3rd,2003) 6/26/2006
25. Betrayal (Nov 12th,2003) 6/26/2006
26. My Darkness (Nov 15th,2003) 6/26/2006
27. Forever (Nov 16th,2003) 6/26/2006
28. ~wait Is Over~ 6/27/2006
29. Yours To Make (Jul 7th,2004) 6/27/2006
30. Birth Of The Poem (Dec 4th,2003) 6/26/2006
31. Thoughts (Dec 11th,2003) 6/26/2006
32. All (Jan 14th,2004) 6/26/2006
33. Rage And Wrath (Jan 14th,2004) 6/26/2006
34. All Hallows Eve (Oct 14th,2002) 6/26/2006
35. Understand (Dec 11th,2003) 6/27/2006
36. Things That Come (Nov 15th,2003) 6/26/2006
37. Game (Nov 16th,2003) 6/26/2006
38. Untitled (Dec 2nd,2003) 6/26/2006
39. Answer In Waiting... (Dec 2nd,2003) 6/26/2006
40. Behind And Between Eyes And Ears (Dec 1st,2003) 6/26/2006

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Six Six Six Revealed (Repeating Cycle) (Jul 7th,2004)

Love brings war
Love breeds hate
Love births peace
Love begats death
Love blossoms life

Life blossoms love
Life begats death
Life breeds hate
Life brings war
life births peace

Peace births life
Peace brings war
Peace begats death
Peace blossoms love
Peace breeds hate

Hate breeds peace
Hate brings love
Hate births war
Hate blossoms life
Hate begats death

Death begats hate
Death breeds life
Death blossoms love
Death ...

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Love (Sep 26th,2002)

Love suffer long and is not kind
Love gently fades from my mind
Love envies not
Love has withered and rot
Love gives and forgives
Love for me no longer lives
Love never reasons but profusely gives
Love for me no longer lives.
It gives like a thoughtless prodigal it's all

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