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41. Never Lost My Instinct (Just My Will To Kill) 5/18/2009
42. Forcing Game Seven From Your Bedroom 5/18/2009
43. Signals To Seattle (Child Of God) 5/18/2009
44. A Little Impaired 5/18/2009
45. How I Stopped Worrying (And Learned To Love The Bomb) 5/18/2009
46. I Awoke In A Wave 5/18/2009
47. Leaving Springtime Behind 5/18/2009
48. Redemtation 5/18/2009
49. Forever Me 6/7/2009
50. Live To Relate (Tails Of Old Men Pt.1) 6/7/2009
51. We'Ll March On 6/7/2009
52. Cleaning Your Clocks 6/7/2009
53. You'Ll Be A Hell Of A Fertilizer 6/7/2009
54. Never Stop For Sleep 6/7/2009
55. Hahahasmile 6/7/2009
56. Bones Are Mere Accessories 6/7/2009
57. Act One: Alone 6/7/2009
58. If I Could Put You In My Arm 6/7/2009
59. Everybody's Looking For The Perfect Line 6/7/2009
60. Alive 6/7/2009
61. Fifty Fifty On A Ten Ten 6/7/2009
62. Mess I Am I Am Mess 6/7/2009
63. Seven Months And Counting 6/7/2009
64. The Day She Quit Breathing (It's Over) 6/7/2009
65. Your Worthless Kid, Deal With It 6/7/2009
66. They Call Me Mr. Ripleys 5/18/2009
67. Um, Theres Mistakes In Your Clarity 5/18/2009
68. Utilizing The Utensil 5/18/2009
69. When One Idea Preceded Another 5/18/2009
70. Petrificada 5/18/2009
71. Don'T Look Now, But I Think You'Ve Exploded 5/18/2009
72. It's All Guns Blazin And Self-Medication From Here Boys 5/18/2009
73. Lion's Crest 6/9/2009
74. The Circles Of Love 6/13/2009
75. Until Then 6/13/2009
76. Act Three: Forced Living 6/13/2009
77. It's Just A Thought But, 6/13/2009
78. What The Shore Gives (The Tide Takes) 6/13/2009
79. Power In Theory 6/13/2009
80. Just So You Know (You'Ll Never Know) 6/13/2009

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Best Poem of Nicholas Neato

Metaphore, Metaphore, Even The Score

This body, it's been used
It's broken and abused
The shell of a boy
Telling tells of a lonely youth
Fractured skeletons
Draped in blankets of truth

Looked in my eyes
(She Lied)
Holding it all in
(I tried)
Lost our direction
(We died)

These microscope eyes
Penetrates the snow
For the lies in our lives
Crossing, that lines been disguised
When the brain spoke it's metaphors
Your the tide that took the time

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Landing Pride First

Think boy
Put the pen to the paper
Shes losing interest
Their all losing interest again

When 'I'
Becomes another lost soul
When they lied
Said 'That Lions lost control.'

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