Nicholas Smith

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Biography of Nicholas Smith

Nicholas Smith is an American teenage poet who loves literature, reading novels, & writing poetry. Born on November 21,1995 in Decatur Georgia by Tabritha and Ray Smith, Nicholas showed an early interest in literary novels such as Harry Potter which was one of his many favorite series. Also showing great diction in the English language he often impressed his teachers and surprised many. Facing hardship in the home of his mother, Nicholas moved to his fathers house in the 6th Grade. Struggling constantly in school, finding self-identity, and dealing with his verbally abusive father, Nicholas felt as if his life was in complete turmoil. In 8th grade he started to show his passion for poetry, where during the summer he would research and read others poems, soon after he would pick up a pencil of his own and write. Currently living with his mother in Conyers, Georgia Nicholas plans on graduating high school next school year, attend Morehouse College, and become a New York Times bestselling author. Updates

My Fair Lady

My fair lady
You are of wonder
Why do you think of yourself as of blunder?

One man would be a fool not to enjoy your presence
It is like a second of heaven each moment with you
Which will not be forsaken, my dear it is of pleasance

To see that smile, and your face

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