Nicholas Wayde Turner 24

Nicholas Wayde Turner 24 Poems

81. The Man Who Took My Life 2/19/2015
82. Smoke And Mirrors 2/21/2015
83. Last Night 3/2/2015
84. Capture It, Remember It 2/28/2015
85. The Bloody Nose 2/28/2015
86. Mind Your Own… 2/16/2015
87. Mother Theresa 2/16/2015
88. The Love Is Always There 2/19/2015
89. My Birthday Twin 2/28/2015
90. Unique 2/21/2015
91. The Secrets Behind Closed Doors 2/16/2015
92. The Life Within Me 3/1/2015
93. People Like You 2/21/2015
Best Poem of Nicholas Wayde Turner 24

People Like You

No one can hold a candle to you.
You are the one and only.
You are the guy who knows when to take a stand.
You are the one I want to be.
You are the one everyone wants to date.
No one has ever said a mean thing in your direction.
You bring out the best in people.
Who else can say they are the best?
Who else can say "I have no enemies! "?
Please show me how, please show me how.
February 18,2015

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The Secrets Of Theresa

You black mail me into doing what you want.
You hit me until I turn black and blue.
You kick me while I'm down.
You lie until everyone believes your story.
I hope this is all worth it.
I hope this is worth losing your friends and family.
So, thank you for showing your true colors before it was too late.
Now, I say farewell to you and your lies.
February 14,2015

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