Nicholas Wayde Turner

Nicholas Wayde Turner Poems

41. Bully 12/10/2013
42. I Hope You Know 12/10/2013
43. The Fear Is Fresh 12/10/2013
44. Hiding Behind The Corner 12/10/2013
45. I Am So Mad 12/10/2013
46. Perfection 12/11/2013
47. The Desk 12/11/2013
48. The Real Thing 5/21/2013
49. Different 10/14/2013
50. Poet Of Your Dreams 10/14/2013
51. Why Am I So Afraid? 12/14/2013
52. Help Me Win 12/14/2013
53. Billy Isn'T The One 12/28/2013
54. Attention Hog 4/5/2014
55. Freedom To Love 4/5/2014
56. Papa 4/5/2014
57. Homeless For A Week 4/5/2014
58. The Simple Stuff 4/5/2014
59. The One I Want 4/5/2014
60. Tell Me The Truth 4/7/2014
61. The Ugky Truth 4/8/2014
62. I Want You! 4/8/2014
63. The Best Times Of My Life 4/9/2014
64. Amazing Love 4/15/2014
65. I Hope You Got What You Wanted 4/15/2014
66. Perfect 4/28/2014
67. Look 4/29/2014
68. You Showed Me 4/30/2014
69. Innocent 4/8/2014
70. I'M Sorry 10/15/2013
71. Faking A Smile 5/21/2013
72. The Big Move 11/10/2013
73. Happy Birthday Friend 10/13/2013
74. The Love Of Two Men 6/5/2013
75. Double Infinity 5/2/2013
76. Slave Driver 4/5/2014
77. Baby 12/14/2013
78. Dead Cell Phone 4/8/2014
79. Clean Clean Clean 12/10/2013
80. Drama Drama 5/2/2013

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Stand Up For Yourself

He's always looking for something to complain about.

I'm sick of being in this drought.

His negativity is really starting to get to me.

Because of all the chaos he earned a 'D'.

I'm sick of all the lies.

Why don't we just break ties.

I'm starting to think that it's getting a little too hard.

I think we are better off sending a Christmas card.

I'm at that point where I want to explore new thing.

Why don't we just try bing.

I love my family as much as you love me.

Why don't we invite them over for a cup of ...

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Giving In

They took our life and tore it apart
Before they knew we had it all
They are living their lives
While you and I are still lost in a sea of tears
On a boat searching for land
I wish I could be the man you deserve
A man who would stand up to his family and stay with the one he loves

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