Nichole Kaci McKnight

Rookie (07-14-1966 / Oklahoma)

Biography of Nichole Kaci McKnight

Nichole McKnight is a 43 year old female who loves to write. She has completed three other novels over the twenty plus years she has written. She loves romance, mystery, suspense, supernatural and fiction. She loves to write books she enjoys to read. She is physically disabled and recently diagnosed with Lymphedema and Primary Pulminary Hypertension. She mixes writing styles and types. She helps raises her deceased sister, Tchinina's, son. Tchinina died on May 2,2003 at the very young age of 29 from blood poisoning due to complications from a botched gastric bypass. She dedicates her novels to her deceased sister, Tchinina.10/12/07 I am working currently on 2 novels. I will post the chapters to each as I finish each chapter. The reviews help me write and keep the stories in my head. I allow my characters to help me write, sort of like a method actor, 'method writing'.

Nichole Kaci McKnight's Works:

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Bring On The Rain

I say God bring on the rain.
Maybe someday I’ll go to Spain.
We know everyone loves to complain.
Some of us can even go insane.
Please stop to read my dialect.
This poem is somewhat eclectic.
The rain storm outside is electric.
Believe it or not I’m not confused.
I like a poem that makes the reader bemused.

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