Nick Bell

Rookie (February 15th,2000)

Nick Bell Poems

1. A Poem My Girlfriend Wrote For Me 4/23/2012
2. 'Humanity' 4/23/2012
3. 'Grandparents' 4/23/2012
4. 'A Poem For My Cat' 4/23/2012
5. 'Nature' 4/23/2012
6. 'Suicide Note' 4/23/2012
7. 'Lonely Day' 4/23/2012
8. 'Bullying' 4/23/2012
9. 'Sadness' 4/23/2012
10. 'Grandpa' 4/24/2012
11. 'My Mind' 4/24/2012
12. 'Flying High' 4/27/2012
13. A Poem For A Friend 9/10/2012
14. 'My Personal Hell' 4/23/2012
15. 'I Am Nobody' 4/23/2012
16. 'Winter' 4/23/2012
17. 'Don'T Label Me' 4/23/2012
18. 'Lazy Sunday' 4/23/2012
19. 'Nostalgic Feelings' 4/23/2012
20. 'Hospital Sadness' 4/23/2012
21. 'Bottled Up Feelings' 4/23/2012
22. 'Another Diabetes Poem' 4/23/2012
23. 'Diabetes' 4/23/2012
24. 'A True Friend' 4/23/2012
Best Poem of Nick Bell

'A True Friend'

A friend is someone that you are close to
A friend is someone that always remains true
A friend is someone that sticks to you like glue
A friend is someone that understands what you are going through
A friend is someone that is kind
A friend is someone who would never leave you behind
A friend is someone who is the greatest gift to mankind
A friend is someone who could never let me down
A friend is someone who always around (when you need 'em)
A friend is YOU. That's right.
You've been a very good friend to me
Only you can see
Our true friendship

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'I Am Nobody'

I am a loser
I am a nobody
I am about to lose it
I am alone
I am bad to the bone
I am not a drone
So sorry I couldn't get along with you
None of you are true
To me
You all made me mad
I feel so bad
About myself
I want to get help
But no one wants to help me
So I will just let it be

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