Nick Jankowski Poems

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Asking For Forgiveness The Only Way I Know How

I'm sorry
for all the pain I've caused you
and all the words
that slipped idly by my lips.

Falling In Love And Never Getting Out

Kiss me like
we were meant for this
and nothing else matters
With closed eyes and open lips

I shall mourn on the day
that those who have scorned me
lead the blind to war
Like lambs they will follow;

A Boy With A Pocketknife And A Memory Of Love That Once Was

This was the tree
we climbed up together in
I spent my summers here,
you by my side

And They Lived Happily Ever After

I have you to myself;
We're all alone now
for once
Lets make the most

Kisses Speak Better Than Words

Written on this paper;
an attempt
of trying to tell how perfect you are

Whats become of this boy
in which I've always
been eye to eye with
while standing in front

Don'T Make Promises You Can'T Keep

Do you remember what you said?
I never forgot...
'I'll be there for you always
Best friends until the end'

Do You Speak Without Heart's Counsel?

You can tell your mind
a thousands time over that
'you don't care, it's ok'
But our fragile hearts

I bring to you now
the same message
as I have
a hundred times before