Nick Jordan.

Freshman - 821 Points (Wimbledon)

Nick Jordan. Poems

41. Illuminati (Part 2) 'money' 8/18/2016
42. Illuminati (Part 3) The Awakening 10/17/2016
43. Awakening 3/27/2017
44. Who Taught Man To Hate? 6/7/2017
45. Mankind 6/29/2017
46. London Town 7/4/2017
47. Nobody Is Nobody 3/3/2015
48. Brainwashed 2/22/2015
49. Best Friend 9/24/2013
50. My Son's Hero 9/18/2013
51. Impossible 4/22/2013
52. Fortunate 4/14/2013
53. Frozen 2/15/2015
54. Blind 2/16/2015
55. Sir Sicky Wrongun 2/23/2015
56. The Clown 11/22/2012
57. I Love You 4/29/2015
58. An Ode To Squabbling Couples 4/16/2013
59. Wisdom And Knowledge 4/14/2013
60. For Dad. X 2/5/2013
61. Darkness 11/23/2012
62. 'Do You Know Who I Am? ' 5/29/2013
63. Never Ending Poem 5/7/2013
64. Modern Morality 2/17/2015
65. What Do You Think? 5/30/2013
66. Life 1/7/2013
67. Valentine 2/15/2015
68. Manners 5/24/2013
69. The Grim(Ish) Reaper! 8/6/2013
Best Poem of Nick Jordan.

The Grim(Ish) Reaper!

Throughout your life I'll keep tapping you on the shoulder,
I'll either get you when you're young 
Or I'll get you when you're older,
For I am death
And you're supposed to fear me,
But I'll let you into a little secret,
(My bark is louder than my bite) if you come near me.
Cos once I've bitten and the lights go out,
There's no turning back and you won't feel nowt!
So don't be afraid when your life is finished,
You'll be cool as a cucumber with your fears diminished,
You won't feel hot and you won't feel cold,
In fact you won't feel anything if ...

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Some wonder blindly through life accepting their residual fate,
Others discover, that with one another, we all have the potential to be great,
Some are so driven, they can't be forgiven, because greed has exceeded their fate,
But this worlds forgotten, that the good and the rotten are few and far between as of late
If we really cared for this earth, we could all pull together and survive for forever if mankind would just integrate
So take it from me, there are things you will see, that

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