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Nick Kler is a poet. SCSU, MN Alum 92, Married with one daughter born in Aug,98 in Los Angeles, CA. Comes from a completely dysfunctional family, having one brother and one sister, where his father was violent towards the whole family, especially his mother. He comes from northern part of India. At the age of 18, he managed to leave India and went for the US in the early part of 1987. After his studies, he fell in love with a Danish girl and went on to marry her in 1991. He temporarily went back to India to help his brother solve property issue with their father. In 1994, he spent some time in Indian jails after his father lodged a false complaint of threat to kill. That was dismissed after 1 year by the Indian courts due to lack of evidence and case without merit. Heartbroken, in early part of 1997, he returned back to the US to be with his wife. In august of 1998, they started a family of their own after his wife gave birth to a baby girl that they named " Amelia" . Little did he know, a family of his own was never meant for him. In late September, while his mother in law was visiting their family in Los Angeles, his wife was suffering from post partum depression. In mid September of 1998, out of paranoia, she called 911 and got him arrested for domestic violence that later dropped to animal abuse. He was arrested again and taken into police custody wearing shorts and t-shirt but no shoes or wallet. His wife took a restraining order against him, prohibiting him from coming within 200 meters of his house. This took him into deeper depression and felt abandoned. Later on his wife came back and asked him to forgive her and he did. But he still spent 8-9 months in anger management classes, anti drug programs etc., that took a heavy toll on him as he never ever pushed his wife, let alone molestation. Later on his only brother that he trusted more than God, took away most of his share of property and filled some civil cases against him in the Indian courts. He never argued with his brother and never claimed back his properties worth millions. This turned him towards using heavy drugs and alcohol, thinking that it would erase his pain, but as we all know, it takes you deeper Inside of yourself and you cut off from the world. There are a lot of other incidents and happenings that could take a whole book I.e. when he had nowhere to go, he started to live with his mother in India for a short time. Her being mentally unstable due to her marriage, probably blamed him for all the short comings and asked him to vacate the house within 1 hr., having no place to go.............and it can go on and on and on
Now, he lives in a one bedroom apartment all by himself. Far from his parents and siblings, friends and relatives. His wife brings his daughter to meet him once every year. This takes a heavy toll on his health as he loves his only daughter more than his life. As he mentioned;
When you don't remember your own vows
And one by one
All your promises came undone
I left my dreams in your eyes
And forgot about them

25 years of our past
Was burnt into ashes of time
Using just a single match
They came crumbling down
Leaving behind a fiery skyline

Just like this
Someday, I shall quietly disappear
Forever into the darkness
beyond this world
Carrying with me
No honor or disgrace
no hate or love...
Just me and myself

As describes by the writings and personal follow ups of Nick Kler.

Nick Kler's Works:

Quandary of Subsistence, Book of Mankind, Country of Love Updates

Death Of An Unborn Child

I am a child yet to be born
I can hear the screams and the scorns
Words yearning to come out
But I cannot speak

I feel so tired and really cold
Confined within the walls of a womb
I want my story to be heard
That none can see and no one can hear

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