Nick Korsantia

Rookie (Sept 8,1987 / Georgia, former Soviet Union)

Biography of Nick Korsantia

1987- born
1992- moved to United stated, in a small city in Indiana (South Bend)
2001- moved to Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada
2003- moved yet again to Boston Massachusetts (Waban, Newton)
I didnt take poetry very seriously at all at first, it was something that just happened, and also something to do when I was bored in Math class. I realized that I had some kind of potential as a poet when i accidently entered a poetry contest on the web and won... yet I am appositive to my easy come easy go attitude, I only hope that my future will be so kind as to provide me with some initiative that I can take my abilities to another level. Updates


People that flow through time and space
Making it through the day alone
Will it be mercy from his Grace
To spare the lonely form their moans

World has many cruel things to say
That shadows all the wonderful gifts;
What is a picture without some grey
To go against the forward rifts
Let every day be unfilled, alone