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1. Entering Eternity 10/14/2012
2. Moon Tears 10/14/2012
3. Death Interpretation 10/30/2012
4. Cockroach Vision 12/17/2012
5. Holy Mother Of Madness 12/17/2012
6. Smoke Rings 12/23/2012
7. Moonrise 1/15/2013
8. Released 2/17/2013
9. Evaporate 2/17/2013
10. Eclipse 4/15/2013
11. Off The Road 8/15/2012
12. I Dream Of Sleep 8/15/2012
13. High Below Us 8/15/2012
14. Confuzzlement 8/17/2012
15. Sometimes Anarchist 9/3/2012
16. Flying Under Water 10/14/2012
17. Xanthius 10/14/2012
18. Silence 4/15/2013
19. Varáeldur 10/14/2012
20. Shibulba 10/14/2012
21. Little River 5/17/2013

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Best Poem of Nick Perritt

Little River

Float me now ocean kiss
A tear romance raining caress,
Creation lips smeared art eclipse
Invoke my severed soul as mist.
Loves melting brook collect us
Distil our echoed voice,
Tear shattered sky protect us
Drown sorrows sleepless void.

Flow gently little river
Flow soft sweet torrent love,
Your mist wings sing
Cloud undressed hymns,
Between the earth and sky we swim,
And though we part
Our spirit hearts,
Together sewn with sea and stars,
Shall flow as one within.

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I Dream Of Sleep

Tormenting you dance
Around the rim of my subconscious
Always out of reach

On the impassable barrier
Blurry visions falter
Gas escaping a clenched fist

We find frustration

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