nickcary pearson

Biography of nickcary pearson

Nickcary A. Pearson is an highly intelligent man, who grew up in the community old works, which is located in Jamaica in the parish of st. Cathrine. He was born on the 4th of October in the year 1996. during the stage of his childhood had allot of difference you don't normally find in a child.He is smart, kind, sharing however has is times were he likes to be left alone. he says thats the time were he gets emotional and is lonesome mind gazes into what he wants in life, the future thinking how can he possibly make this world a better place.
Mr.Pearson is an intelligent man, who falls deeply in love with music. there is nothing to him like his piano and his guitars.just the smooth of the tender flowing melodies created by the gentle movements of his finger flowing in one accord across his thirsty ears, make his heart melt. though he can play music very tanlenfully and skilllfully, he looks up to his teacher mr. D.watkiss and Mr. S.Steven.
Mr.Pearson is a man of hope and courage and he writes allot of poems and songs which he says is to inspire and encourage other about life. many of his poems can be find at poem today. he is very intelligent in the area computer science, repair, as he sucsessfully studied computer enginiering at the utech college in jamaica. Nickcary A. Pearson has allot behind his name and allot is to be known, , , however he still walk the busy road of life today august 22 20014... he has allot to accumplish, n i can asure u that his enthusiasm will always make him a sucsesful person in life......sir. N.A.Pearson Updates

You'Re An Angel

why am i so shy
why am i being so scared,
there's nothing on you,
that should have someone scared,

whats the sense of loving someone
and when you see them you're speechless,
what; s the sense of loving someone,
and when you see them you heart race,

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