Nickelz Webzder

Rookie (2/6/1991 / McPherson KS)

Biography of Nickelz Webzder

I write because it comes to my mind and i like to share the feeling that i am having at a particular time in my life.I started writing them down because my bffl had told me that i should.I love her so much. Anyway i was born in 1991.Lived in McPherson KS from birth to after my freshman year of high school.Moved to York NE where i found my bffl, Glori Ramos.Then moved to and currently living in Midwest City, OK.

Till we meet again
hugs n kisses <3

Nickelz Webzder's Works:

i haven't published any yet. Updates

Deep Inside

I cannot tell
If this is all true
The feelings i hold
Deep down inside
It kills me to hide
To wind down
And be more adult
Than i should be
I just want to be me!
Everyone thinks i'm so brave
They think i'm indapendent
They think i don't care
If only they could see
The me that hides
So deep inside.

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