Nickey Mason

Rookie (June 21st,1994 / Jackson, Mississippi)

Nickey Mason Poems

1. Fear 5/1/2009
2. Abandon Child 5/6/2009
3. How Do You Feel? 5/6/2009
4. When It Hurts 5/6/2009
5. Changed Me 5/7/2009
6. Me & U 4/30/2009
7. Possible 5/7/2009
8. I Believe Now 5/8/2009
9. Do You Know? 5/8/2009
10. I Stared Into Death Eyes 5/11/2009
11. The 7 Kisses 5/13/2009
12. Should I Choose Life Or Death 5/15/2009
13. A Poem For The One I Love 5/18/2009
14. It Is Just The Two Of Us In This World 6/6/2009
15. Speechless 6/14/2009
16. Love Is Not A Game 3/18/2010
17. My Lover Feels My Pain 4/12/2010
18. A Black Rose 4/13/2010
19. Five Truths 4/23/2010
20. Birthday Gift 5/22/2010
21. Better Off Unspoken 5/25/2010
22. My Mind Is An Intersting Place 6/18/2010
23. Nothing Left To Say 7/16/2010
24. Forever And A Day 7/30/2010
25. When We First Met 3/24/2010
26. Time To Kill 3/29/2010
27. I Will Marry You 5/11/2009
28. Because Of You 5/7/2009
29. The Poem With No Ending 5/13/2009
30. The Perfect Murder 6/1/2009
31. Trust 6/19/2009
32. The Lost Kiss 5/29/2009
33. I Want You Now! ! ! ! 6/13/2010
34. Do You Realize? 4/16/2010
35. Face To Face With A Miracle 5/27/2009
36. Unexplainable 1/28/2010
37. Lie To Me 5/8/2009
38. Will You Remember? 6/8/2009
39. I Decided 5/8/2009
40. Separated 7/26/2010

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The Difference Between Love Without Sex And Sex Without Love

Sex without love is obviously
having sex with someone you dont
love. In fact, you probably have
sex with just about anyone. You
feel as if you have to do it.
You crave sex. Its all you
think about. When you are having
sex, you enjoy it but when you not
doing it, you just want to
rip out all of your hair. Every
where you go, you just gotta have
it. Sex is your life.

Love without sex is having a
relationship without sex. You
love this person to the fullest
but refuse to have sex with
them for some reason.But what
if yall never share ...

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Why Do I?

why do i get so happy when i see your face?
why do i shrivel up at the sound of your voice?
why do i feel comfrontable when i'm around you?
why do i feel protected when you hold my hand?
why do i just want to melt down at the tenderness of your kiss?
why do all my pain fly away when i think of you?
why do i go home happy becuz i've been with you for 2 hrs?
why am i writing this poem?
why do i care for you so much?

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