Nicola Jane Dady

Rookie (21/10/1978 / London, United Kingdom)

Biography of Nicola Jane Dady

About Nicola

Writing is her passion.

From a very young age she had an uncontrollable urge to read and write. Grabbing whatever pieces of scrap paper available would write anything from imaginative fantasy stories to real life experiences.

She enjoys reading and finds magazine and newspaper articles interesting and informative. Nicola is easily captivated by fictional stories, though favours non-fictional books. They hold her interest as she knows they are true stories written by ordinary people, which Nicola finds brave and almost always inspiring.

As an adult she writes stories for her two young children. She enjoys the pleasure they get from reading and listening to them. She finds it very satisfying.

Writing is a skill that Nicola was blessed with. As well as being her favourite hobby. She uses it as a tool to help deal with the problems I she has faced throughout her life. She also writes about happy times and defining moments in the form of short stories.

Though Nicola writes stories, her main love is poetry. She keeps a notepad (iphone lol) with her at all times as she is inspired by the most random sights, sounds and scents. Her mind is bursting with creativity. There is always a queue of thoughts and words in her mind just waiting to be transferred onto paper.

In the future Nicola would like to put together a book of memoirs, including memories and poetry she has written throughout her life, for my children to read and educate them about me when they are grown.
Nicola is a gifted writer, who’s aim is to become a published author and lift the spirits of many with her true feelings and thoughts.

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Do I Really Love Myself?

I say I love myself but I know this isn't true. Because if I did. Why would I hurt myself the way I do?
Why is it ok for me to love without it in return? Why do I make the same mistakes, will I never learn?
Why do I do things that I know will only end in tears? Why can't I show emotion or let go of burden and fears?
Why do I apologise for what I believe to be right? Why do I promise people things when the best they can give me is 'might'?
Why do I hide my feelings just to protect those o

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