Biography of Nicolas GRENIER

Nicolas GRENIER poet

Nicolas Grenier is french poet.

He's one of major poets of the young generation in France and in the francophone culture. He is a significant figure of japanese poems in France with haiku and tanka.

He has published in fifty french and international reviews and is translated into fifteen languages (prestigious Tower Journal) .

Picture by Bertrand Naivin, ©.

Nicolas GRENIER's Works:

Quant à Saint-Germain-des-Prés, trente et un tanka sur la main d'après, preface by Jean Orizet, Paul Eluard Prize 2011. Updates

L For Love's Haiku

Open the window
Look at horizon and sun
It's the dawn of love.

Ouvre la fenêtre
Vois l'horizon et le ciel
C'est l'aube de l'amour.

Translation by the author.

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