Nicolas 'Kokonutz' Kokonas

Rookie (May 28,1986 / Bloomingdale, IL)

Biography of Nicolas 'Kokonutz' Kokonas

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Not much to say but so little time to say it. Poetry is a glimpse inside the mind of man and what you might find may scare the living hell out of you but sometimes you can relate. I hope you are scared of what you find but understand it more than I could ever possibly understand the unconscience scribblings of a mad man, meaning my own. For my defense it was not me that wrote these things it was my right hand. I blame it. Updates

Defending My Insanity

I’ve had conversations with the rain
Both night and day we talk
It told me how things will be

When I’m sitting naked in the rain
Nothing feels the same
The people that see me whisper
“he must be insane just sitting there
naked in the rain”

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