Nicole Anne Sia

Freshman - 555 Points [Asphodel, Maria Victoria, Blissworth Everlasting] (August 8,1998)

Biography of Nicole Anne Sia

Nicole Anne Sia is a young passionate poet who is willing to share to the world her poems. She started writing poems by the age of nine. However, not all poems were saved. Hence, the poems she’ll be posting are the once that are written at the time she started saving them.

PS: She normally uses other people's point-of-view (POV) whenever she writes her poems. In some of her poems, she may use a first-person POV. This is to connote a first-hand insight on particular themes she writes about.

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How do we grasp the depth of the deep?
How do we climb the steps of the steep?
How do we say the words of the wise?
How do we break the fake of the lies?

Is the worth of our effort worth our fate?
Is the chance of our rights chance by mistake?
Is the friend of our family friend of the enemy?
Is the death of our loved death of reality?

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