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My name is Nicole Arishenkoff and I was born in The Nelson Hospital located in Kootney’s BC on October 15,1992. My dad Edward Arishenkoff passed away by a drug overdose when I was five. My mom Terri, my sister Leigha, and I were left with nothing. Three years later my sister moved to Calgary, and my mom and I joined the big city a year after so we could start over. My mom met Bruce and he was with my mom for four years and was abusive to me physically and verbally behind my moms back.

My passion with writing music storied and poetry has paid off. One of my poems was published in a book and received an award two years ago. During the summers I go into the beautiful forest in BC and camp. Camping is my favorite summer activity. I am currently in a band called Eclipse; I am the lead singer and started to learn how to play the guitar. My grades are now one of my mail goals so I can attend collage or university because I would like to receive my red seals in cooking and restaurant management so I can one day open my own restaurant. My family is the most important unit I value; without my family it would be hard to be where I am today.

My mood is almost always happy and I believe that everything happens for a reason. I like to keep a positive out look on everything because positive brings positive. I have a abundance of friends; I hardly know anyone who doesn’t not enjoy my friendship. I try my best; I’m here anyway, so why not use my time to benefit my life? I am in a relationship with Josh; we will be together a year February 12,2009. Josh and I want to spend the future together, get married, and have a family. With the emotions we have for each other it makes me think it will happen, that is something I want to happen.

We don’t go on many dates, staying home, watching movies and the couch is my favorite thing to do with him, because we live so close we do that every night. Sometimes we do go out; we go to East side Maoris where we had our first date. After dinner we go see a movie. Someday I hope that we will be married, to have a big beautiful summer wedding where all out friends and family there. A day like that will never end if it makes a memory, I would want to reply the moment when we first kiss and husband and wife every day when I wake up.

By summer 2011 I will be 18 and want to be moved into my first apartment with Josh and attending collage or university and getting the course I need to have my dream job. I want to have kids but I will never bring a child into this world until I have the financial stability to give the child what they want and need. By then I will have my own home outside the city because I don’t like the big city. My husband will be there for me when I want him there, he will be my best friend, my other half and someone I can share my life that I know is worth living.

My writing is important to me I want it to move others; I want them to read my words and cry, laugh, and fall in love. I want to inspire others to be open with their emotions. When I am gone I want people to think about how great my personality was, how great of a friend they could ever have. I don’t want anyone to cry when I’m gone because I know my life is going to be what I want because I will live life to the fullest and make the best of it I can even when times get tough. That is what life is all about anyways

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i don't have any of my poems published in a book yett however i would love to get it done one day =] Updates


I was left in the dark
Far from the start.
Hold me,
Love me,
And take me out to the light