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Biography of Nicole Brewer

I was born October 11th,1995. So that means I'm 14 years old. I secretly want to become a writer day. Nothing special about me exept my Random-ness to cover up my fake smile. (i think I was found out! !) But Oh well. I was born in someplace in Wisconsin. Raised by both my mom and my dad. When I was about 3, my cousin, who was mentally unstable, came to live with us. I grew up with the same people at the same school, until about middle school when we were split up. I am now dreading high school, and trying to make the best out of my last year in junior high.

Nicole Brewer's Works:

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What Is Depression?

I see around me
'Depression is this'
'Depression is that'
Depression is hell
When you think of the world
as your enemy
And you run away
To your world,
Yet people try to pull you back,

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