Nicole D'Settemi

Veteran Poet - 1,896 Points (June 25th / Niagara Falls)

Biography of Nicole D'Settemi

A poem is a naked person... Some people say that I am a poet. - Bob Dylan

'And then the poet wrote out all he had inside him, ignoring the fact that noone would understand him...' - Nano Valoaritis

I tend to give the impression of a very dark and complicated human being a large percentage of the time, however I do have a very great (very dark) sense of humor.
Characteristically, I am an intense, passionate and fiercely loyal human being. Creativity, and intuition are my strong points. Over-analyzation and severe neurosis, my weak. To be perfectly honest to mark me as merely flawed, would be an understatement.

I have 'struggled' with drug addiction for nearly ten years, and have been battling my disorders, compulsions, demons, and other deficiencies of the human condition, for most of my life. Poetry and writing (art) have been the only outlets I've had to try and fend off some of my demons. Or, at very LEAST, an outlet allowing me to get in touch with my inner-demons, and to better understand them.

I have been writing since I was a child, and plan to continue to do so on a personal level until my mind no longer permits me to. I prefer writing lyric poetry, primarily dark poetry, gothic poetry, and confessional poetry, when doing so.

I use a lot of my amateur poetry, and photography, to create my own unique style of WebFilms. My signature style is tagged 'PHOetry-in-motion' which is a concept I developed entirely on my own. I've combined my poetry, photography, and other forms of art, when designing these WebFilms, allowing each one to tell it's own new, and unqiue story.
I typically like to clash classic rock songs with my photography, and poetry. Some WebFilms are lyric-less, while others use lyrics as the central theme. The object behind all of the WebFilms is to, essentially, drive the viewer into a poetic state.

I am also working on an autobiographical memoir series, written and presented as literary fiction. This is, undoubtedly, the one project I am putting fierce commitment, emotion, and energy into. I dream and aspire to be the type of writer who makes the page breathe... and, truthfully, in terms of my work, I don't want money, I just want to be great. The first novel in that collection is finished and available at It is titled " Addictarium: Asylum of Anarchy (War Stories Chronicles, I) .

'And then the poet wrote locked up in his bathroom, his very last poem as he cut his veins open...'

'To be someone filled with neurosis, anxiety, and paranoia, is to inevitably be someone who is a little obsessed with pain and death. Control, death, time, and the other elements aforementioned, all intersect in some way. So, it is for this reason that I have found my way to live; by embracing death, accepting death, and being a little in love with it, I have indeed found my way to live.' - Nicole D.

Nicole D'Settemi's Works:

Addictarium: Asylum of Anarchy (War Stories, I)
War Stories: Bombing Narcotica (A War Stories Extension in Poetry

Mother Nature: Earth Bleeding Tears (Anotholgy Book I)

The True Colors Poetry Series, including =

Lacking Shades of Grey: The Thin Line Between Creativity and Madness
Black Beauty; In This Silence, I Believe
The Colorful Disaster: Rainbows in Revolt Updates

The Scenic Route

There was once a time
I tried to walk the line
On the path of straight and narrow
Looking for the ideal hero
Yet, stopped was I that day,
Stopped, was I along the way
As I made my way down the route,
I found this drug
And wanted to know what it was about

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