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  • ''Part of me hated technology because to me technology was a mother fucker that was eating this world alive. It was all part of the machine, the deadening of the human spirit, and I wouldn't allow it. I had to see the world for what it was, drain it of all its illusion, because what lingered beneath? The wild, untamed beast, and in the end it would eat us all. That was something nobody could stop, not with any amount of money, or material things. Nothing that was part of physical reality could prevent death. So, to me, people were absurd, robotic, already dead. Buying fancy cars, big homes, the latest electronics, and all for what? The excuse was convenience. I need this. It makes things easier. Yet, while comfort may have been at the surface, the real thirst for these things, for material possessions, was to feel in control and to feel part of.''
    - Nicole D'Settemi, Addictarium: Asylum of Anarchy (War Stories Chronicles, I)
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  • ''I couldn't bear the thought of what drugs could do. I wanted to cry, I felt the anguish, the pain, of all that was alive and suffering right then! How this world was dying, all of us, this lost generation. The Lost Children, The Lost Children, an echo drilled so penetratingly, so pervasively, in my head. I sucked in a breath, and now? I was choking.''
    - Nicole D'Settemi, Addictarium: Asylum of Anarchy (War Stories Chronicles, I)
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Best Poem of Nicole D'Settemi

Lethal Love Letters (Dear Heroin)

Dear Heroin,
My name is Nicole and I'm writing to you
Because I've heard of some stories of what you can do
I heard you can stop me from feeling insane
I heard you have powers
That can take away all the pain
So I have come knocking
I stand here today
Hello Heroin-please show me the way!

Dear Nicole,
Yes, it is true
I feel quite serene
I am the answer-
If you know what I mean!
You'll shoot through the sky
You'll feel like you're soaring
When you shoot me
Life will no longer seem boring
I'll take you to places that you want to ...

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Fallen Angel

Fallen Angel
Can it be?
Fallen Angel
Cannot see

Blinded, by the evil ways
Misery filled, endless days
Now her wings, they've turned black
Because she cannot

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