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  • Phillip Ellis (10/22/2008 4:07:00 PM)

    Dear Nicole,

    thank you for giving me this chance to read your poems. I appreciate their emotional forthrightness, even as they feel to be conveyed with a technical naivete. At times, it feels as if the poems become too direct, too involved in reporting your situations directly from life; here, perhaps, developing some distance by working away from the 'I' of the first person, to, perhaps, the 'you' of the second person, or even 'he/she/it' of the third, can help, as I have found with my own work.

    Please feel free to dropp me a line if ever you want a detailed critique. And if there is any way that I can help benefit you and your poetry.



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Why do people look at us different?
Just because we can’t use our legs or our arms,
Doesn’t mean that we don’t have a mind,
So they need to know that we are all the same in God’s eyes,
So on this day I ask you to just see everyone for the person they are,
And not judge them for their physical or mental limitations,
Just see people for the way they are,