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  • Phillip Ellis (10/22/2008 4:07:00 PM)

    Dear Nicole,

    thank you for giving me this chance to read your poems. I appreciate their emotional forthrightness, even as they feel to be conveyed with a technical naivete. At times, it feels as if the poems become too direct, too involved in reporting your situations directly from life; here, perhaps, developing some distance by working away from the 'I' of the first person, to, perhaps, the 'you' of the second person, or even 'he/she/it' of the third, can help, as I have found with my own work.

    Please feel free to dropp me a line if ever you want a detailed critique. And if there is any way that I can help benefit you and your poetry.



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Jesus Loves Us All

Jesus Loves Us All

Jesus loves us all,
For it is he who died on the cross for us,
He loves us all,
He died on the cross for each and every one of us,
He is the only one that we should pray to,
Jesus loves us all,
No matter what we may feel,
He knows our every thought,
He knows what we are going threw,
Even when we don’t think that he is with us,
He is with us threw everything,
He is going to come back,
But all we have to know is that,
He loves all of us,
He is the one who died on the cross,
For you and I,

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A Different World

A Different World

A different world is in my past,
I miss what I once had,
I once had a friend,
Who I thought cared about me,
They said they did,
That was all a big lie
People don’t just tell you to go away,