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hey everyone...I am 17 yrs old and about to be a senior in high school...I like to poems cuz I think it is a way to express my feelins and with out bein judged by anyone...and dependin on my mood depends on the type of poem it is wheather it is a happy poem, angry poem, or depressed poem...if you wanna know anythin else just ask... Updates

How Could He?

How could he go to that bar?
How could he get into that truck?
How could he drive drunk?
How did he pin point one person?
How could he not hit someone else while driving over a mile down the road? ?
How could he not feel that he hit someone?
I know you must have felt it when you hit that man that night...
How did you not know that driving wasn't going to take a man's life?
You killed a man that night!

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