Nidhi Rajesh Kumari

Rookie (Gaya, Bihar, India)

Biography of Nidhi Rajesh Kumari

Nidhi Rajesh Kumari, better known as Nidhi Kumari was born on October 23,1996 in a small town called Gaya in Bihar, India to Mr. and Mrs. Rajesh Kumar. She completed her elementary education from Kirk View Kindergarten, Gaya and joined Nazareth Academy for school education. She is currently studying in the 9th grade of Nazareth. Nidhi loves composing poems in English and is very fond of reading too. She is an excellent student as well as the School Vice Leader. She aspires to become an engineer in the future after clearing IIT with credit. Updates

Fear Of The Dark

Everything in this world comes to leave
However huge a trouble its departure may give
Even the sunlight disappears in the clouds
And so do many people, in the crowds.

When the light is lost and you're alone in the dark
It is sometimes useless to hope for a spark
Why not burn you fears and sorrows for light
And make the heart, hale and bright?

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