Nidhi Rajesh Kumari

Rookie (Gaya, Bihar, India)

Nidhi Rajesh Kumari Poems

1. Keeping A Promise 12/31/2010
2. Dear Martin 12/31/2010
3. One Person 12/31/2010
4. Melody Of A Crying Soul 12/31/2010
5. Loneliness 12/31/2010
6. An Empty Heart 12/31/2010
7. True Love 12/31/2010
8. A True Friend 12/31/2010
9. Sleepless Night 12/31/2010
10. Listen, My Son 12/31/2010
11. Me And You 12/31/2010
12. A Burning Heart 12/31/2010
13. Feeling Sorry 12/31/2010
14. Entangled 12/31/2010
15. The Caged Golden Bird 12/31/2010
16. Something Never Told Before 12/31/2010
17. The Train 12/31/2010
18. Unanswered 12/31/2010
19. What Is Bigger? 12/31/2010
20. A Dark Night Forever 12/31/2010
21. Welcoming 2011 12/31/2010
22. To A New Life 12/31/2010
23. A Vacuum In Life 12/31/2010
24. Everything So Little 12/31/2010
25. Medicine Of Forgiveness 12/31/2010
26. A Regret 12/31/2010
27. Contrasts Of Life 12/31/2010
28. The Murder Of A Soul 1/1/2011
29. Stuck In The Past 1/2/2011
30. Promise Me, We'D Stick Together! (A Daughter's Story) 1/2/2011
31. In The Night 12/31/2010
32. An Ordinary Heartbreak 12/31/2010
33. I Am Me 12/31/2010
34. Telling The Truth 12/31/2010
35. I Know 12/31/2010
36. Fear Of The Dark 12/31/2010

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Best Poem of Nidhi Rajesh Kumari

Fear Of The Dark

Everything in this world comes to leave
However huge a trouble its departure may give
Even the sunlight disappears in the clouds
And so do many people, in the crowds.

When the light is lost and you're alone in the dark
It is sometimes useless to hope for a spark
Why not burn you fears and sorrows for light
And make the heart, hale and bright?

Reach out for the brightness within you
Its something no one else can do
Though the clouds hide the sun from your vision
It shines again to break every illusion.

Fear of the dark isn't something ...

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Telling The Truth

Every minute of our lives, we face a question
They say, its important that we answer it
And we begin looking for a perfect reply
No matter how false or unsuited for us it is.

A casual answer, though it is the truth
We believe causes disregard to our personality
But, how will any of us feel proud
Of qualities that never were or will be reality?

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