Niealie Petit

Niealie Petit Quotes

  • ''You cannot save someone from him or herself. You can only show them why they are worth the attempt.''
    Niealie Petit
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  • ''There is little distraction from one's own mortality. I breathe, hoping that with each new breath I become less and less concerned with whether or not the next shall come.''
    Niealie Petit
  • ''I so desperately want to be surprised by life. It's a sad existence to know what shall come.''
    Niealie Petit
  • ''An artist does not create simply because he or she can, but because it is the quintessence of his or her soul.''
    Niealie Petit

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The Depths Of You

Ruin me with your rigidness,
Rule me with your reason.

Wrap me up within the chambers of your heart.
Pour into me, then drink me up.

Roll me 'round your tongue-
Then swallow me whole,

Until I fill the depths of your soul.

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