Niealie Petit

Niealie Petit Quotes

  • ''You cannot save someone from him or herself. You can only show them why they are worth the attempt.''
    Niealie Petit
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  • ''There is little distraction from one's own mortality. I breathe, hoping that with each new breath I become less and less concerned with whether or not the next shall come.''
    Niealie Petit
  • ''I so desperately want to be surprised by life. It's a sad existence to know what shall come.''
    Niealie Petit
  • ''An artist does not create simply because he or she can, but because it is the quintessence of his or her soul.''
    Niealie Petit

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To Exist No More

The Killing Time,
The Killing Hour,
No More Sun,
No More Flowers.

What once was,
is no more.

So, I think & shrink
To Exist No More.

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