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Nihil Existentia poet

My style of writing has always been very personal and dark. It is a way for me to process things, that i am currently going through.

To read more poems and see what else i am up to, follow my blog:

http: //

Nihil Existentia's Works:

-'exile' - a poetry/ photography book. Publised via and also available as a free ebook at http: //

-'nihil - A Book About Nothing' a poetry/ photography book, that is 50 pages long. It contains 22 poems and 24 photos. Released on

-'The Fallen' (2011) self-published, pdf ebook. Under the name 'Killing Hope'.

-'The Remains Of Dead Hope' self-published, pdf book. A collection of poems from 2006-2010. Under the name 'Killing Hope'.

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