Niken Kusuma Wardani

Biography of Niken Kusuma Wardani

Live & work in Jakarta, have two daughters. Like to reading books & listen to music. My poem is to express my feeling about things. As long as i knew, this is my only site, so if you try to browse based on my name you might end up refer to other one :) as i dont hv facebook, twitter, netlog but my poems are available on instagram @eslen172

Niken Kusuma Wardani's Works:

Poetry against terror
Scattering Dreams And Tales
We Are The Words - Siamo Parole
Nine Tales Of Creation Updates


I was trained to thrilled my destiny and deal with you
Not like many figures who has cursed or blessed
You never be my friend nor stay against me

I know where you live but too proud to visit
Since I saw much river of tears headed in
And I don’t even have a dropp to share you

What if we met, an encounter of necessity?

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