Niken Kusuma Wardani

Niken Kusuma Wardani Poems

81. A Story Of A Man 3/11/2014
82. Between He & Me And You & I 5/6/2013
83. Getting Married 10/1/2012
84. Without You 10/8/2010
85. Cayman Island 8/29/2012
86. A Girl And Her Father 10/4/2010
87. But You Don'T Know 9/18/2012
88. Love On The Street 3/13/2009
89. One Day 12/25/2015
90. A Short Note 1/27/2009
91. How Much I Wanted You 12/26/2015
92. Not An Actor 12/23/2015
93. Wedding 9/26/2009
94. Sms 1/4/2009
95. Why 12/16/2008
96. Plain 11/10/2008
97. Mungkin 3/20/2015
98. Ode To My Hubby 2/10/2009
99. Is It A Crime? 8/27/2009
100. Love 10/13/2008
101. Rainbow 11/15/2007
102. Falling Star 8/12/2008
103. Life Story 8/27/2009
104. Confession 1/4/2009
105. A Picture Without Caption 6/15/2009
106. If I Lived One More Life... I Would 8/27/2009
107. Had You? 6/23/2009
108. To My Wonderful Soul Of Life 8/14/2009
109. A Bleak Dream 8/7/2008
Best Poem of Niken Kusuma Wardani

A Bleak Dream

I was looking to you
Over the glass in a big hall
You bow to me and smile
It was then that I know
You held a great ball
In the silence of my sincerity

I drawn at you
Thinking as a fascinated guest
Eager to seize every tickling of the time
Make my pure intention at ease
You step closer and reveal
Every room in yr busy dream
I wonder how to ever leave

I saw her, cast a spell in the mere light
Wrap you and all the nuance with shadow
Captured all the bright scene in a frame
Linger to have a perfect saviour
Melt away with the scent of...

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Falling Star

“Have you seen a falling star? ”
A stranger asked me eagerly
I shrugged on reply
I know not star could be fall
Cause I put my star on the North
Shine a firm light to warm me
Close to heaven to passed my wishes;
To soothe the unsettled puzzle in my bare mind

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