Nikesh Murali

Rookie (22/02/1983 / Trivandrum, India)

Biography of Nikesh Murali

Nikesh Murali has published four collections of poetry (paperback) , two chapbooks and eleven e-books with several international publishers. His works have been translated into seven languages and featured at international book festivals including the Latin American book festival held in Buenos Aires. They have appeared in anthologies, journals and magazines all over the world (See publications page) . His poems and short stories have won and have been short listed for several major writing contests (See awards page) . He was nominated for the Pushcart Prize in 2003.

Nikesh Murali has served as managing editor for The Pointer (India) , online editor for The Tabloid, editor for the Niche anthology series - Books 1& 3 (United Kingdom) , staff reviewer for E-book Reviews Weekly (Canada) , chief editor for the university literary magazine The Litterateur (India) and is currently editing the Bilingual Poets Series for Ibex Press (Australia) . He has also worked as a columnist for Castlebar News (Ireland) , (United States) and Useless Knowledge (United States) .


Nikesh Murali's Works:


Collected Works (Rowe Publishing)
Mist and other love poems (Rowe Publishing)
Flakes (Rowe Publishing)
Translated Works (Ibex Press)


Dark Street and Other Poems (2003, Cafepress)

Amore (2003, Niche Anthology Series / Cafepress)


Collateral Damage(2001, No Spine)

Thirteen(2002, No Spine)

Songs of the Raven(2002, NoSpine)

Midst of Bees(2002, Kingfisher)

Fear(2002, Fairgo)

Lovemaking(2003, Kingfisher)

Autumn Love(2003, Rowe)

Mist(2003, Kingfisher)

Collected Works(2003, Rowe)

Selected Love Poems(2003, Rowe)

Edited by Nikesh:

Clouds in the Sky(2003, Rowe)

4 poets(2003, Rowe)

Translated Works:

Niebla(2003, Publishing Online) ...Translated by Maria Cristina Azcona

Amore Translated by Caudio Iacono

Amor Outono Translated by Teotonio Simoes

Neblina Translated by Teotonio Simoes Updates

In The Park...

Today in the park,
I noticed with a spark.
A four-year-old running around.
In squeaky leather her feet bound.

Clasped to her chest is a frivolous balloon.
The time my watch announced was three past noon.
In a moment of revelation my mind crooned,
The truth about fate, chance and tune.

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