Niki Nicholas Nkuna

Rookie - 52 Points (1957/01/09 / BURGERSFORT (Leeufallei farm or Ga- Makwakwasi))

Niki Nicholas Nkuna Quotes

  • ''‘Worry is wearing'

    N Nkuna''
    worry is toxic makes one sick
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  • ''‘I wonder if the star will shine again as it did before the mishap, '
    N Nkuna,15 April 2013''
    Comment on Oscar Pistorius, following the report that he's ready to start training in order to start competing again:
  • ''‘Missing a sport award is the worst thing that can ever happen to a sports person. A sport award is never reserved for a particular sports person. It is contested by all eligible sport persons and whoever misses it, is not guaranteed she or he will win it the next time.' N Nkuna,28 May 2012''
    When Drogba lost the opportunity to win the African player award
  • ''‘The so-called underdog teams always have the proclivity to upset the apple cart. They prepare better than the stronger teams, which often become complacent and under estimate them. The underdogs prepare better due to the anxiety effect which often troubles their conscience, especially when they are to play against the so-called bigger teams.' NN 21 April 2012''
    when the un-fancied teams, the underdogs upset the apple cart
  • ''A dream is a puzzle for which the dreamer is given the pieces to put together after the dream. Often the dreamer fails to complete the puzzle' N Nkuna,5 Jan 2013''
    Thought of it when I could not understand what the dream could be about
  • '''It is difficult to gauge the interest of people in new jobs, especially where money and fringe benefits are the main attraction'''
    After reading an article in the paper, about the appointment of Pinky Moholi, CEO of Eskom South Africa, I wrote,
  • ''The desire to serve in any endeavour, be it in a company as an employee or in politics as a member or leader, is second in terms of personal priorities. The first priority is financial gain and personal aggrandisement albeit not expressly stated.'
    N Nkuna 3 April 2011''
    That's what most people aspire for, which is unfortunate

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Best Poem of Niki Nicholas Nkuna

Going In And Out Empty Handed

Everything provided for in the game
Equally true for the battle of the earth
All things bright and beautiful,
big and small, tall and short
Ready for the taking

Looking up seeing the stars, bright and beautiful
Looking down seeing the earth, dressed to the nines
With all things bright and beautiful
The ugly dominated by the shadows
Only to brighten up by the bright of day
With nothing changed but very true to origin

Time to sow and reap wide like the goal posts
All roads leading to Rome in the picking
But the race measured by will and ...

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Lost Identity

I can't live free, one way or otherwise,
I'm tied permanently by my legs, hands, heart and mind,
The psychology of slavery,
I do everything willingly, happily in form of lost identity,
I revel in the form of lost identity,
I believe I enjoy every moment of my life in the mosquito net,

My culture has become a tag of ridicule,
Despicable and a shame to wear,

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