Nikiwe Nondabula

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Nikiwe Nondabula Quotes

  • ''Its hard loving someone who hurt you, trusting
    someone who betrayed you and being loyal to
    someone who never appreciated your good deeds''
    Nikiwe Nondabula
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  • ''Happiness is never built at the expense of a broken heart''
    Nikiwe Nondabula
  • ''When you realise that you don't actually hate someone who hurt you.
    It's just the thought of ever loving them again, that makes one resentful''
    Nikiwe Nondabula
  • ''A YOUNG MANS THOUGHT ON JUNE 16TH made me realise the times WHEN I HAVE FEARS, so i decided to go with OTHELLO to go see MAYA ANGELOU. But then I realised the FUTILITY in AUTUMN, That lady sitting there all ALONE. yip she was a PHENOMENAL WOMAN indeed''
    Nikiwe Nondabula
  • ''You have to be willing to lose what you want and desire in order to get what you need and deserve''
    Nikiwe Nondabula
  • ''That which makes sense, doesn't necessarily represent the truth...''
    Nikiwe Nondabula
  • ''That 'light' at the end of the tunnel, does not necessarily mean the end of tunnel: sometimes it's just a reflection of a hole on the surface: Keep going!''
    Nikiwe Nondabula
  • ''The road you TAKE to avoid the OTHER. Is the very same ROAD that will lead you back to the road you AVOIDED...''
    Nikiwe Nondabula
  • ''Happiness is never built at the expense of a broken heart''
    Nikiwe Nondabula
  • ''That of which has the highest high, has the lowest kow''
    Xoliwe Nondabula

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Best Poem of Nikiwe Nondabula

The Futile Love

Day by day i think about him
Day by day i long to see him
Day by day i try to become stronger
Day by day my heart beats slower
I miss him
The person that made me happy
Is making me so sad
Kisses in the moonlight
Kisses in the rain,
Kisses after gym
And kisses when I am sad
I want to
Be me again
Be us again
Just be friends again
But each day becomes harder
Each day i long to see his smile
His laugh
His caring nature
What an angel
An angel that i have lost...

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The 'i'

I sometimes wonder...
Wonder where i went wrong,
Crushing my head into the duck feather
With whiteness that withers on even at the zone of being shoveled in some confided space
So warm for comfort..
So soft for love...
I want to be cuddled up in this undying infatuation of my loving blankets...
The uncouth greed of this world has brought me to many tears
Feeling like the dot on top of the 'i'

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