Niko Tiliopoulos

Niko Tiliopoulos Poems

121. Real Love (Variations On A Theme By Neil Young) 10/29/2007
122. Connecting The Dots 11/8/2007
123. Poem One Or Two (... Or Three) 7/16/2008
124. Gangsta Rhyme 1/25/2007
125. Goodnight 12/4/2006
126. Encomium 3/9/2007
127. Here’s To You (For Gill) 4/20/2007
128. Winter Song 12/3/2006
129. In A Funny Mood 10/9/2006
130. Little Joke Of Shame 10/9/2006
131. The Song Of The Moth 10/8/2006
132. Teasing The Worms (Variations On A Theme By Tom Waits) 10/7/2006
133. Fools' Love Day 10/14/2006
134. Delusions 10/8/2006
135. Nicole - Part 2: The Postcard 10/8/2006
136. Seasons 4: Winter 10/28/2006
137. Seasons 3: Autumn 12/3/2006
138. Scent Of A Woman 12/3/2006
139. Let Me Ask 5/3/2007
140. Friday Nicht, Haly Molly Nicht 5/24/2007
141. That Bonny Lass 1/11/2007
142. Just Thoughts 12/4/2006
143. Sardines Rock! 12/4/2006
144. Of The Essence Of The Spirits (For Liek) 10/8/2006
145. A Rainy Evening In Kyoto 2/22/2007
146. To Lose A Friend 9/6/2008
147. Wooden Floor Impressions 10/7/2006
148. Religion 12/25/2008
149. Symptoms Of Depression 11/1/2006
150. Something Is Going To Change My Life 12/3/2006
151. ... And A Bottle Of Rum 1/9/2007
152. Seasons 2: Summer 12/5/2006
153. Wisdom 5/13/2015
154. Zenists 9/7/2007
155. Shanghai 10/8/2006
156. Good Is What God Wills 8/14/2007
157. Carpe Diem 11/19/2006
158. Ceci N’ Est Pas Une Poème 10/7/2006
159. A Content Analysis Of Dreams 10/7/2006
160. Grandmother 12/3/2006

Comments about Niko Tiliopoulos

  • Roger Bowman (11/18/2006 6:50:00 AM)

    hey amigo della fuerto anemio hope everything goes perfecto

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  • Maria Giatsi (10/11/2006 11:08:00 AM)

    I met the poet in September 2002 in Edinburgh and I have had the opportunity (and good luck!) to get to know him a bit better over the years.
    I have to say that his poems reflect -in many ways- the way he speaks! Funny and witty on the one side, melancholic or even dramatic on the other side (well, he is Greek after all!)
    Just wonderful! ! !

  • Nicole Miller (10/9/2006 3:53:00 PM)

    Man, you're carazy as hell! I really love your poems. Some make me wonder w.t.f., should I laugh or scratch my head, puzzled at whether there is supposed to be a deeper meaning, etc. I think maybe U just goofy. I like.

Best Poem of Niko Tiliopoulos

Don’t Go To Bali

Don’t go to Bali my friend.

Even if the whales whistle you the way,
even if the dolphins dance for you to stay,
even if the spirits possess you when you pray.

Even if the sun is king or the winds are fair,
or even if the sea currents take you there,
and even if you are charmed
by the gamelan music in the air.

Or the dancers of barong
and the outfits of sarong,
or the feasts of spice
and the paddies of rice,
or the volcanoes of light
and the temples of white.

Come what may in the end,
don’t go to Bali my friend.

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Malleus Maleficarum

Memories always remember
to segment my soul;

images of past faces,
sentences in the past tense,
meridians of past lives in post mortum odours,

with lungs dipped in zyklon-B,
gas stains on a mandala angel

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