Nikolay Stepanovich Gumilyov

[Nikolay Gumilyov] (1886 - 1921 / Kronstadt on Kotlin Island,)

Nikolay Stepanovich Gumilyov Poems

1. The Sixth Sense 8/7/2015
2. Agamemnon's Warrior 6/15/2016
3. At the Feast 6/15/2016
4. From 'Captains' 6/15/2016
5. The Clever Demon 6/15/2016
6. The Conquistador 6/15/2016
7. The Descendents Of Cain 6/15/2016
8. Don Juan 6/15/2016
9. Dreams 6/15/2016
10. Eternal 6/15/2016
11. The Fragment 6/15/2016
12. The Gates of Paradise 6/15/2016
13. It Was Not Once 6/15/2016
14. 'Like Undistinguishable Horses' 6/15/2016
15. My Thoughts 6/15/2016
16. 'Oh, How Silent Is the Nature' 6/15/2016
17. 'Only Serpents Let Their...' 6/15/2016
18. The Other One 6/15/2016
19. The Prophets 6/15/2016
20. Reader Of Books 6/15/2016
21. Shame 6/15/2016
22. She 6/15/2016
23. The Sixth Sense 6/15/2016
24. Sonnet 6/15/2016
25. To the People Of the Future 6/15/2016
26. To the People Of the Present 6/15/2016
27. To a Poet 6/15/2016
28. The Trees 6/15/2016
29. 'Under Poet's Fingers...' 6/15/2016
30. The Word 6/15/2016

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Best Poem of Nikolay Stepanovich Gumilyov

Agamemnon's Warrior

A queer and fearful question is tight,
Oppresses my soul and tosses:
Can one be alive if Atreus has died -
Has died on a bed of roses.

All that we dreamed of and everywhere praised,
All our longing and fear -
Were fully reflected in those calm eyes,
As were in a glass of a tear.

Ineffable power dwelt in his hands,
A saga of feet was retold;
A beautiful cloud he was for his land
Mycenae - the country of gold.

What am I? A fragment of ancient dread,
A javelin, fallen on earth -
Atreus, the leader of nations, is dead, -
But I have been...

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From 'Captains'

In far waters of Arctic and South
On the curves of the malachite ripples,
Among reefs of bright pearls and gray basalt,
Rustle sails of impetuous ships.

The swift-winged, they are lead by the captains,
Who discover new waters and lands,
Who don't fear for fury of tempests,
Strength of maelstroms and plots of banks' sands.

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