Nikolay Stepanovich Gumilyov

[Nikolay Gumilyov] (1886 - 1921 / Kronstadt on Kotlin Island,)

Nikolay Stepanovich Gumilyov Poems

1. The Sixth Sense 8/7/2015
2. Agamemnon's Warrior 6/15/2016
3. At the Feast 6/15/2016
4. From 'Captains' 6/15/2016
5. The Clever Demon 6/15/2016
6. The Conquistador 6/15/2016
7. The Descendents Of Cain 6/15/2016
8. Don Juan 6/15/2016
9. Dreams 6/15/2016
10. Eternal 6/15/2016
11. The Fragment 6/15/2016
12. The Gates of Paradise 6/15/2016
13. It Was Not Once 6/15/2016
14. 'Like Undistinguishable Horses' 6/15/2016
15. My Thoughts 6/15/2016
16. 'Oh, How Silent Is the Nature' 6/15/2016
17. 'Only Serpents Let Their...' 6/15/2016
18. The Other One 6/15/2016
19. The Prophets 6/15/2016
20. Reader Of Books 6/15/2016
21. Shame 6/15/2016
22. She 6/15/2016
23. The Sixth Sense 6/15/2016
24. Sonnet 6/15/2016
25. To the People Of the Future 6/15/2016
26. To the People Of the Present 6/15/2016
27. To a Poet 6/15/2016
28. The Trees 6/15/2016
29. 'Under Poet's Fingers...' 6/15/2016
30. The Word 6/15/2016

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Best Poem of Nikolay Stepanovich Gumilyov

Agamemnon's Warrior

A queer and fearful question is tight,
Oppresses my soul and tosses:
Can one be alive if Atreus has died -
Has died on a bed of roses.

All that we dreamed of and everywhere praised,
All our longing and fear -
Were fully reflected in those calm eyes,
As were in a glass of a tear.

Ineffable power dwelt in his hands,
A saga of feet was retold;
A beautiful cloud he was for his land
Mycenae - the country of gold.

What am I? A fragment of ancient dread,
A javelin, fallen on earth -
Atreus, the leader of nations, is dead, -
But I have been...

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At the Feast

There's Prince Diego, falling in a love,
He dozed and he laid his head midst table's stuff,
He lost his goblet, cast from silver's milk,
And freed his jacket of a crimson silk.

And he is seeing the transparent stream,
And on the stream - the boat white as steam,
In which the trip, a lot of time ago,
His bride and he had had to undergo.

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