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I was a Seafarer for 15 years, presently wife & myself are residing in the USA and seek a political asylum. I have two daughters, the eldest lives in Austalia and the youngest reside in Massachusettes with her husband and grand son Siluna.I am a free lance writer.First of all I must indebted to for opening the gates to this global stage of poets. Finally, I must thank them all, my beloved wife Manel, daughters Tharindu & Thilini, son-in-laws Kelum & Chinthaka, my loving brother Lalith who taught me to read & write and lot of things about the fading life.All the loved ones supply me ingredients to enrich this life's bitter-cake.I am not a scholar, just a sailor, but I learned few things from the Life-school.At last I found Man is not belongs to anybody, any race or to any religion, an independant-nondescript mammal.The heaviest burden who carries is the Brain.
Conclusion, I guess most of my poems, the concepts based on the essence of Buddhist philosophy.My personal belief is the Buddha who was the greatest poet on this planet earth.I always grateful and admire him.
My humble regards to all the readers.

nimal dunuhinga's Works:

Takuboku Ishikawa's 'Sad Toys'[Kanashiki Gangu] poetry book translated into Sinhalese my mother tongue and published in the year of 2000.Several poems, short stories published in the local news papers and one of my lyrics sung by a leading singer in Sri Lanka.'Soft soul's lament' Anthology process in in the USA. Updates

A Thick Slick

In an avenged park
somebody's love is floating
on an isolated pond.
The lovers at the beginning
very soft hearted like butterflies.
Is this the nature who becomes
venomous Hornets
and abandon the love astray?