nimal dunuhinga

Rookie - 151 Points (19, April,1951 / kalubovila East, Sri Lanka)

nimal dunuhinga Poems

1. * I Was Born By The River 11/18/2009
2. *caguama 7/31/2010
3. *malani Senehelatha Fonseka 5/31/2010
4. *mithuri 11/12/2010
5. *moon Rapes His Sister Sun 7/11/2008
6. *polka 3/1/2012
7. *samsara 8/22/2009
8. A Barber Writes 12/12/2010
9. A Beautiful Widow's Upstage 7/4/2010
10. A Beggar Maid Sings In An Awful Night! 4/19/2011
11. A Beggar Maid's Breakdown In The Life Cycle 11/18/2006
12. A Beggar Never Complains? 6/16/2011
13. A Bird Flies Beyond The Sky 5/6/2009
14. A Bird Has No Wings In The Storm 11/3/2005
15. A Bird Without A Roost? 2/18/2014
16. A Bitter Menu In Tasty Life! 1/8/2014
17. A Bitter Pill Implies Where I Belong 5/13/2009
18. A Black & White Wedding! 6/18/2012
19. A Black Ant Struggles In A Pure Honey Bottle! 12/5/2012
20. A Black Bird Sings About The Coming Spring? 1/21/2013
21. A Black Sun Peeps Through The Cotton Wool Sky 9/20/2008
22. A Black Swan In The Silent Lake! 6/24/2014
23. A Blind Gypsy And His Piccolo 10/31/2007
24. A Blind Lover's Lament 3/14/2008
25. A Blind Undergraduate's Hidden Song In His Braille 5/22/2013
26. A Blue Sun On The Black Horizon! 3/14/2012
27. A Bluestocking And A Lilliput 1/4/2006
28. A Bookmark As A Present For A Departing Friend 3/18/2008
29. A Bride From An Orphanage 10/21/2006
30. A Brief Letter To A West Virginian Hospital! 10/3/2011
31. A Brief Letter To Equinox 9/22/2010
32. A Brief Letter To Paddy Martin! 11/29/2012
33. A Brief Letter To The Amazing San Diego Zoo 4/14/2010
34. A Broken String Of A Cello 10/13/2010
35. A Broken Winged Butterfly Flies? 12/15/2008
36. A Bumpkin's Chronicle 2/12/2007
37. A Butcher Was Called For The Surgeon İNterview 5/26/2011
38. A Butterfly Rests On A Cannon In The War Zone 12/22/2010
39. A Cactus Flower 5/13/2006
40. A Cataract Eyed Gardener And A Wild Rose 9/20/2008
Best Poem of nimal dunuhinga

*moon Rapes His Sister Sun

In the pitch darkness strange things can happen;
But unfortunately nowadays it happens in the daylight too.

* The title quoted from the book ' American Indian myths and legends' selected and edited by Richard Erdoes and Alfonso Ortiz.
(This violent story tells of a stormy encounter between a female sun and a male moon.)

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My Rare Pet Dog

His name is 'Marco' a crossed german shepherd.
I have only two daughters and I loved this rare creature
as my obedient son.
Marco understands everything except talking.
When my daughters go to school
he goes with them to the bus stop
and wait there until a bus comes.
Then come back home and wags his tail
saying they are gone safely.

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