nimal dunuhinga

Rookie - 151 Points (19, April,1951 / kalubovila East, Sri Lanka)

nimal dunuhinga Poems

121. A Jailbird's Squeak 1/13/2009
122. A Joss Stick And Fragrant Flowers 2/1/2009
123. A Kind Farmer Who Appeared In My Innocent Colored Dream 1/31/2009
124. A Kingfisher And A Tiny Scalloped Fish 8/30/2008
125. A La Carte 5/19/2006
126. A Ladylike Man In Monogyny 5/25/2006
127. A Leaflet On The Car Windscreen 12/17/2010
128. A Letter Like A Poem 1/10/2010
129. A Letter To An Inventive Friend 7/4/2010
130. A Little Angel Who Sings Beneath An Old Bachelor's Little Sick Heart 3/5/2011
131. A Little Girl In Her Father's Boots 4/5/2011
132. A Little Long Twilight Song 8/26/2009
133. A Locust And The Old Flame 6/30/2006
134. A Lollipop Lady And A Lollipop Man 8/27/2006
135. A Lonely Night In A Desert 1/30/2009
136. A Longshoreman's Mentality 3/20/2006
137. A Looseleaf Diary Of A Philander 10/6/2008
138. A Loose-Leaf Flies From The Dark Inn's Memory Book! 10/11/2013
139. A Lost Bird Flies In An Awful Night 8/14/2009
140. A Lost Love Poem 6/11/2011
141. A Love Poem 1/3/2013
142. A Lullaby For The Stillborn Infant Who Sleeps In A Trash Bag 6/13/2009
143. A Lunatic Asylum And A Sunrise 5/8/2009
144. A Lyric Poem For London Aunt's Newly Compact Disc 8/7/2010
145. A Man And A Statuette 4/10/2006
146. A Man Of Letters Who Needs An Escape 3/13/2009
147. A Man Sees Many Horizons At The Journey's End 7/9/2009
148. A Man Stands Alone 5/6/2006
149. A Mason's Daughter And A Carpenter's Son 12/28/2009
150. A Matchmaker Brings A Fuddy-Duddy Bridegroom For A Teasing Conservative Bride 3/27/2010
151. A Matured Kingfisher And A Smarten Carp 1/22/2011
152. A Mechanic Writes To His Fiancee 3/28/2009
153. A Meditation Class 12/9/2009
154. A Merry Christmas 12/14/2007
155. A Middle Class Wedding 2/21/2010
156. A Migratory Widow Bird From Afghanistan 11/3/2009
157. A Mild Rose Whispers To An Apprentice Bee! 2/28/2014
158. A Mill In Ruins Beside The River 1/4/2011
159. A Mime In An Abandon Playhouse 2/20/2009
160. A Minnow, Trench And A Widow 3/27/2010
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*moon Rapes His Sister Sun

In the pitch darkness strange things can happen;
But unfortunately nowadays it happens in the daylight too.

* The title quoted from the book ' American Indian myths and legends' selected and edited by Richard Erdoes and Alfonso Ortiz.
(This violent story tells of a stormy encounter between a female sun and a male moon.)

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I Like To Be

A black puppy on the road to heaven
but scared of rabies.
A Well-to-do lady will take me
on her way bounds home.
If I am a pebble at a riverside
or a pearl in a deep sea.
Remove my heavy garments
and be naked at a peak of a mountain
before I jump.

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