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Previously known as half broken teen:

I'm a fifteen year old teenage girl and I am scared. It all started years ago. The day my sister was born, June 14,1999. My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer, that day she changed. My dad soon realized that this was not the woman he had married, so he decided to stick through it and have a loveless marriage. Not long after I turned 6 my mom started drinking. During my second grade year of elementary school, my mom got breast cancer a second time. At the end of my fifth grade year my mom's mom died. That same summer her cat and her dad died. I wore heavy eyeliner and became severely depressed. Mom's alcoholism got worse and worse. My dad worked out of state on the week days which left me to take care of my mom and my sister. Finally my dad got out of the denial stage and kicked my mom out the day after my birthday, April 11,2010. She moved to another state to be with her aunt. We started looking for nannies to take care of us while our dad worked out of state and we went through 9 before we found Alex early in the year of 2011. That same summer my dad finalized the divorce with my mom. My dad also announced that we were moving to New Jersey. He moved my mom out there first, he said she needed to be more involved in our lives, from what I know that was a big mistake. I am in a lot of advanced classes that just add to my stress. My dad started dating toward the end of 2010. Everything is moving so fast. He has a really nice girlfriend, Lika. I really like her, but we might move again so we can be with her and her daughter. Then maybe we can be one happy family.

that was back in 2011

After stopping and realizing the situation I am in, I have decided to stop wallowing in misery. Starting in the spring of 2012 I decided to help myself. I am procrastinating less and getting things done. After staying organized and writing more, my head is much clearer. The poems I write have lots of strong messages about life and things to think about. I encourage you to read some and see if you can relate. I hope to provide more sophisticated poetry with words of wisdom from a sixteen year old adult. Before you judge me by my age, stop and take a minute to interpret the message in my poetry.

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once upon a time there was a princess
and like all the other princesses she had an unfair life
but this story does not end with prince charming
this story ends with a girl, a girl of fifteen
she is smart creative and beautiful
and despite her past and all the hardships she faces
she realizes that her past is what makes her beautiful
her smile can lighten anyones day

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