niranjan subhashsivan

Rookie (29-07-1980 / Trivandrum)

Biography of niranjan subhashsivan

I was born in 29th july 1980 and did my schoolin in a village high school and completed college eduction.I was a parellel college teacher teaching literature both malayalam and English poems. But now working on some administerial job in a company in gcc.


niranjan subhashsivan's Works:

Nothing yet published because whatever I wrote it was to avoid the loneliness and for my students and friends to get to be printed in their school or college magazines on their names. Updates


She accompanies me wherever I go
She is my only fellow traveller
She sees, hears but never speaks
Why she is so silent?
She is black but pretty
And often quite peace
She goes with everyone
And none is free from her

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