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62. The Leader In Me 3/28/2010
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The Leader In Me

Fill in the blanks please
Color me in
And complete me

I’m missing pieces can’t you see
I’m like one side of a coin
The left side of a compass

I can’t stay this way
I’m dying on the inside
Choking sputtering disintegrating


I have miles to go before I sleep
Promises to keep
Books to read
Words to say
Relationships. Love. Life. Laughter
I need my happily ever after

Why can’t I fix this?
Why don’t I try?
Where is the leader in me?

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When the pain is deepest
And cuts like a knife
And the love that was sweetest
Is reduced to strife

When you can’t take it any longer
And you can’t ask for help
When your insecurity gets stronger
And you sit upon the shelf

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